Lamb kofte and edamame bean fritter recipes | Nigel Slater squib

Meatballs or bean rissoles, heavy on the herbs and with generous amounts of sauce for dipping, make a well-rounded meal

I’m making kofte: minced lamb with freckles of fat to keep it juicy, a scattering of za’atar – the blend of ground thyme and oregano – and tiny specks of sesame. That is all. My kofte usually come with cumin, cinnamon and garlic. This recipe’s seasoning is simpler because of its accompanying lentil sauce with sweet, golden onions, coriander and turmeric.

The finely minced lamb is easy to shape into balls. You twist off pieces the size of a golf ball and roll them between your palms as if it was cookie dough. Like any fritter, patty or rissole, these will hold their shape better if you chill them for half an hour before you cook them.

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