From Dryer Sheets to Honey, These Genius Beauty Hacks Use Household Items You Already Own squib

I confess, I'm a beauty enthusiast with an admittedly ridiculous multistep morning and night skincare ritual. That said, sometimes there's nothing better than a smart beauty hack that can save you time and money on your routine - especially when they actually work.

There are so many uses for items you probably already have around the house. For example, does your pantry contain some kind of sugar, honey, and coconut oil? Boom: you've got a homemade exfoliating scrub at your fingertips. Need a way to mix lip colors or foundations to find the perfect shade without making a crazy mess? Just head to the freezer and whip out an ice-cube tray.

Keep reading to find out the household items you can incorporate into your beauty routine. You'll never look at Pam cooking spray the same way.

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