Cam Talks Epic New Single 'Till There's Nothing Left' After Welcoming Daughter Lucy squib

Cam is back!

The country music star released her new single, "Till There's Nothing Left," on Thursday, and it’s an epic ode to love.

Ahead of the song’s release, Cam, 35, opened up to PEOPLE about her return — and why she’s had to wait five years to drop another album.

“It’s really cool that it’s coming in at this time,” Cam (who welcomed daughter Lucy Marvel in December) says of the track, which was inspired by her relationship with husband Adam Weaver, 33.

“It seems simple to say, ‘I’m going to love you and give everything of myself until there’s nothing left,’ ” she adds. “But you learn just how much you can love someone, especially once you have a baby.”

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Cam (real name: Camaron Ochs) broke out in 2015 with her Grammy-nominated ballad "Burning House," which appeared on her debut album Untamed and remains the best-selling country song by a female solo artist. Her critically acclaimed single "Diane" — and the Sam Smith collab “Palace” — followed in 2017. But the release date for her sophomore album was pushed and, after disagreements with her former record label, she left the company.

“I had to separate from the Nashville label because their operations weren’t in line with my values,” Cam says of her departure. “It takes some time. It’s a risky move, and it’s not a fun thing to have to do business-wise or emotionally.”

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“Nowadays when you look at how people care about what’s going on with the Grammys, what goes on for women in business, what goes on for women in country music — I do think people are starting to care more about how things get done behind the scenes on the business end of it,” she adds.

“Because it really does affect the artists and how it all works out for us and you know, quality of life but also just if music even comes out. The more people get a chance to understand that stuff, hopefully there’s other artists that realize that they can take care of themselves and ask for what they need in that way too.”

Despite the five long years between her debut and her upcoming second LP, due later this year, the Bay Area-native never gave up on music.

“When I get on stage and I share the music that I’ve written and you see it in people’s eyes like that it resonates with them? That feels like I’ve done my purpose,” Cam says. “That ignites my fire.”

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As she prepares to launch her second album, the singer-songwriter — who performed her “Till There’s Nothing Left” on the Today show on Thursday — is getting a handle on her life as both an artist and a mother.

“There was definitely a time where I was like, ‘Are my ab muscles going to work to sing?’ But I feel ready,” says Cam, who delivered little Lucy via C-section at 39 weeks when she found out her baby was breech

“What’s this new era? Like, who am I? How do I integrate being a mom with being myself and being like a musician? That’s a wild thing,” she says of the transition back to work. “It’s going to be a fun adventure figuring out how to do all of this with Lucy now!”

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