17 of the Most Popular Cat Breeds For First-Time Owners, According to Experts squib

Getting your first cat is both an exciting and overwhelming experience. Although adoption and rescue are always recommended, taking home a cat from a rescue or a shelter means your cat will most likely not be purebred. If you do choose to add a pedigreed cat to your family, you should try to look for a breed that fits your own character and personality. Hence, it's the utmost importance for new cats owners to look at a cat's grooming needs, energy level, vocalness, adaptability, curiosity, degree of affection, and appearance before adding the furball to their household.

To help you in your search, we put together this informative gallery of the best breeds for new cat owners. It's important to remember though that every cat is unique and therefore might not exactly match the physical traits and personality characteristics of its breed. Of course, it's those little differences that make cat owners love their hairy companions so much. Here are 17 cat breeds that are purr-fect for new cat owners.

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