Beauty Directory: 50 Black Owned Beauty Brands To Shop Now and Forever  squib

Beauty and it’s processes have and will always be an intricate and personal experience for women of color, many of whom grew up in the hair salon or sitting between their mothers’ legs as she parted their hair and greased their scalps. Beauty is deeply woven into Black culture and it’s no surprise that African American consumers account for about 90% of the overall spend in the ethnic hair and beauty aid categories according to a 2019 report by Nielsen. Yet, Black women have often been overlooked and underserved when it comes to beauty products and shades that match, compliment, or address our unique skincare needs. 

Nevertheless, there have been attempts made in recent years to address these needs. For example, major retail beauty brands have finally started to expand their foundation shade ranges to be more inclusive of the many shades of brown skin. While it’s commendable that all beauty brands would consider and cater to the needs of Black consumers true progress cannot be made until more Black voices have a seat at the proverbial beauty table. By including Black voices behind the scenes brands and consumers alike can ensure that diverse campaigns, advertisements, and inclusive product lines are executed authentically and successfully. The Black-owned beauty brands below have been doing the work of centering Black women, men, and children for years and deserve your support year round. These trailblazers are creating products that specifically address different ethnic skin care needs, purposely include nearly 60 foundation shades and undertones, and are creating beauty trends daily that continue to drive the industry.  

With the current and necessary push to support Black-owned businesses during a time of major social unrest and injustice in the world, here are 50 Black-owned beauty brands with products for the entire family that you can support, amplify, and buy from now and forever. 

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