Realtor View: Scoping out ideal neighborhood for you squib

Picking a neighborhood that fits your needs might be just as important as picking your dream home. Buying a house means buying the neighborhood that surrounds it. For many property owners, the identity of the neighborhood is as important as the property itself. Typically, property values in neighborhoods with well-defined identities tend to hold steady, keeping with average market values. But what gives a neighborhood its identity?

What qualities are you looking for in a neighborhood? There are many to choose from including nearby parks, good schools and facilities, proximity to shopping, restaurants and places of employment, high-occupancy rate, low-crime rate, and well-maintained homes. Knowing what’s important to you and how to find that information is a main step in ensuring you and your family’s happiness.

To pick a neighborhood, you might start by creating a checklist of what attributes you deem important. Below are some questions, depending on your situation, that you might want to consider.

 How far is the commute?

 Are there restaurants and affordable shopping nearby?

 Is public transportation easily accessible?

 What is the reputation of the public/private schools?

 Are the public parks family-friendly?

 Is the neighborhood cyclist-friendly?

 Are there other children my kids’ age in the neighborhood?

Once you figure out what you want in a neighborhood, you can rank the checklist in order of importance.

The best way to judge the character of a neighborhood is to get out there and see it for yourself....

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