Simon Pegg: 'It's time… Film would be so much healthier with more voices, different stories' squib

The screenwriter and actor talks about lockdown life, Black Lives Matter, and his latest film about a pop producer dealing with mental illness

Several months into lockdown and Simon Pegg has grown a beard. It’s a pointy affair. “I’m going for the jazz nerd look,” says Pegg. “Sort of free drum solo.” “Catweazle!” calls his wife, Maureen, passing through. Jazz-weazle, maybe? It quite suits him.

Pegg is Zoom-ing from his kitchen table at home in Hertfordshire, looking relaxed and cheerful. Though Covid-19 restrictions have put his acting work on pause – just at the start of a Mission Impossible shoot (for the seventh picture in the series) – he’s been coping well. There’s other work to be done.

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